• The following was released by DDD:
    Beginning in 2015, the Division undertook a massive outreach effort to ensure that all individuals receiving or eligible to receive services were notified about the need to complete the new NJ CAT. This included five mailings from January 2015 through August 2016; targeted one-to-one outreach from case managers and support coordinators; and numerous announcements distributed by the Division.

    While the NJ CAT has now been completed for the majority of individuals, there remains a small number of individuals who still do not have a completed NJ CAT.

  • Click the link for information from the Arc's Family Institute on Respite Services

  • Ralph Mastrangelo. Jr., emeritus member of The Arc's Board of Trustees and the parent of a daughter with developmental disabilities testified on March 29th at the NJ Assembly Budget Hearing. Mr. Mastrangelo, Jr. spoke about the need for direct support professionals to earn a living wage. He said "Funding must be allocated to increase direct support staff salaries by one dollar and twenty five cents ($1.25) per hour every year for five years. We are asking that the 2018 budget include $36 million in state dollars to be matched federally, so that year one of this plan can be implemented. It has been over eight years since there was funding to give these staff a living wage. Staff who have never made what they are worth, but do their jobs because they love what they do. Staff who dedicate their lives to help my daughter and her peers. Staff who have held up their part of the bargain but now are faced with having to leave the jobs they love because they can’t afford to pay their rent. What will happen to Mo when they quit to get a job that will allow them to feed their families? Who will care for Mo? When we talk about helping people with developmental disabilities we can’t forget that people like Mo, who are living in group homes and attending day programs depend on direct support staff for their very lives." To read his full testimony click on the headline. To join the Coalition for a DSP Living Wage email TBaffuto@arcnj.org