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Do you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Montclair State U conducting a study.

Dr. Peter Vietze, Miss Sarah Phillips and Mr. Reuven Kranzler at Montclair State University Psychology Department are conducting a study to research how the Theory of the Mind relates to gaze behavior in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ages 8-17.

 Theory of Mind is the ability to understand that others have unique thoughts, experiences, and knowledge.

This study will take 40 minutes to complete and can be done either at The Center for Clinical Services at Montclair State University or at a mutually convenient location

The study involves children doing Theory of Mind Tasks while their eye movement behavior is recorded with an eye tracker.

 If you are interested in having your child participate in this study or for more information, please contact or call at 201-724-4741.

The Montclair State University Institutional Review Board has approved this study.