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"Great Soap...Packaged by Great Workers!"
Buying soap from Arc Industries isn’t just smart business - it’s a way to help people who are working hard to help themselves! The Arc’s soap is packaged in our vocational workshop facilities by workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Arc’s soap is the only liquid soap system that is convenient, cost efficient and sanitary - and features an air tight product pack that prevents product recontamination.

Available in Three Varieties
Arc Industries liquid soap comes in three different varieties - choose the one that meets the needs of your facility!

Enrich - A high quality hand soap, suitable for most washrooms. Contains special moisturizers and humectants, and won’t dry out hands, even after frequent washings. Our most popular soap.

Health Care - Perfect for use in hospitals or in food service areas! Special anti-bacterial soap kills germs. Place in nurses stations, washrooms, kitchens - wherever you want bacteria stopped.

Ultra Bath - Hit the showers! This is a hair-and-body wash that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. Builds a strong lather and is perfect for gymnasiums, locker rooms.

Who Uses Liquid Soap?
Chances are, you do! Liquid soap is the cleanser of choice in most of today’s hospitals, municipal buildings, offices, educational institutions and even many homes. It’s become popular not only because bar soap is often messy, but because it harbors germs. A four-week study of both the wet underside and the dry surface showed evidence of contamination in 100% of the bar soaps tested. Organisms you know you want to Staphylococci and E. coli !!!

If you haven’t yet switched to liquid soap, now is certainly the time! But if you already have a liquid soap system in your facility, do you realize that the soap system you now use might actually be contaminating you and your employees, instead of cleansing?

Arc’s System Prevents Contamination
It’s not your fault. Most systems available today - probably including the ones in your facilities - rely on air to force the soap out of the dispenser into your hands. But that air comes from the very room you are standing in when you wash your hands - filled with bacteria and germs!

And any time a person’s hand touches the dispensing nozzle, even by accident, the nozzle can be contaminated, and the entire contents of the dispenser affecting the next person who comes along to wash... and the next person, and the next...

Even if you were to make sure that every person to use the dispenser would be careful enough to never touch the nozzle where the soap comes out, what about the (contaminated) air that is repeatedly going inside to force the soap out?

The only solution is to use a system that doesn’t rely on contaminated air to push soap into your hands.

You Need Arc Enterprises Soap System!!

To Order Call or Write:
August H. Hoehne Rehabilitation Center
301 Lodi Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone (201) 489-0094   •  Fax (201) 489 - 8547
(800) 634 - 4558

Arc Enterprises Assembly and Packaging
The Arc’s workshop has a fully equipped production floor with conveyer belts, a warehouse and loading dock.

Conscientious, reliable workers are available to handle all your assembly and packaging needs.

Mechanical, manual and electronic assembly, shrink wrapping, labeling, heat sealing, blister packing, completing mailings, packaging component parts, sorting and salvage are just a sampling of the capabilities of Arc Enterprises.

For a FREE Estimate call or write:
August H. Hoehne Rehabilitation Center
301 Lodi Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone (201)489-0094   •  Fax (201) 489 - 8547
(800) 634 - 4558

Arc Enterprises Screen Printing and Embroidery
The Arc’s Screen Printing and Embroidery shop has a wide range of quality products for your personal or business needs. Four color printing is available on tee shirts, sweat shirts, mugs, towels, aprons, bags and more. We can print a design that you provide or create a custom design for you.

Competitive prices, professional quality and no minimum on orders make Arc Industries the best choice for your screen printing needs. Let us put your corporate or team logo on a quality shirt or bag. Click here to see our brochure.

For more information and price quotes call or write:
August H. Hoehne Rehabilitation Center
301 Lodi Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone (201) 489-0094   •  Fax (201) 489 - 8547
(800) 634 - 4558

Arc Janitorial Services
"Want to know the dirt? The Arc can find it!"
Does your home or business need to be spruced up? Do you need regular, reliable janitorial services? The Arc can help. We have trained janitorial crews, each accompanied by a supervisor, available to find and tackle your dirt. Contact us at