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The Arc Planning and Guardianship Corporation

Building a Secure Future For Individuals With Disabilities and Their Families

The Arc Planning and Guardianship Corporation is a separate 501(c)3 not-for- profit organization, which is also incorporated as a Community Trust in accordance with the NJ Community Trust Act of 1985.

The program was developed to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunities, supports and resources needed to live fulfilling lives through the provision of lifelong advocacy, guardianship, life planning and financial management services.

The organization is directed by a Board of Trustees. The Board includes family members, professionals and advocates.

Each family is unique; we can help design a plan that meets your specific needs.

The Arc’s Planning and Guardianship services can help:

  • To provide individuals with disabilities and their families, assistance to envision and plan for their future needs and to assist them in completing all of the related steps required to put their plans into action.
  • To provide caring, competent and responsive guardianship services for individuals with disabilities who are adjudicated in need of a guardian.
  • To provide advocacy and guidance for individuals with disabilities, their families and their guardians.
  • To provide trust administration for special needs and other trusts so as to ensure that the needs of the individual with a disability are met and that the funds are used as intended.
  • To provide benefits management for individuals with disabilities to ensure they acquire, and maintain eligibility for the benefits to which they are entitled and that their benefits are used for their well being.
  • To provide monitoring of, and follow up with, service providers on behalf of the individual with a disability and their family to ensure the service is meeting his/her needs.



Arc Planning and Guardianship Corporation Board of Directors

Chairperson - Regina Spielberg, Esq.

Vice Chair - Jill Holly

Treasurer - Nicholas Gorab

Secretary - Alice Siegel

Chair, Investment Committee - Teri Kirsch, Esq.

Members at Large

Liz Mulholland

James Seath

Kathy Walsh, President/CEO