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Vocational Training Services

The August Hoehne Rehabilitation Center is located in a modern 25,000 square foot industrial building. At this site, individuals with developmental disabilities receive a wide array of services and supports geared toward preparing them to enter the competitive labor market. Included in these services are vocational evaluation and assessment, work adjustment training,  and extended remunerative employment at the center until job placement in the community can be affected. Two hundred individuals participate in the program at any given time, earning wages based on productivity for real work. Work performed at the center includes Arc liquid soap filling and distribution operation, screen printing, office supplies and other bench assembly tasks performed for industries in the community. Call (201) 489-0094

Employment Services

The Arc's Employment Services Division is focused on assisting individuals with disabilities to find and maintain community employment. Training is provided in job seeking skills and work behaviors, interviewing skills and resume writing. Travel training and benefits counseling are also provided. Job coaches assist individuals throughout the employment process and provide on the job training and support during the initial employment period transitioning thereafter to follow along services. Call 201-489-0094.

Arc Janitorial Training Services

Utilizing actual commercial and domestic settings, over 25 individuals are provided with on-the-job custodial experience.  Small crews work with a supervisor at a variety of sites, and are paid for their work while benefiting from comprehensive skill training.  Transportation is provided. email


The Arc is a qualified provider for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) and the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).